Hey all
I had a great chat with one of the members last night about lifting and the coaching of them and thought I’d put on the blog site.

Although we base our cues from Pendlay, Catalyst Athletics and the Australian Weightlifting Federation, everyone is different. Our mobility is different, limb/torso length differences and of course strength. Positions 2 (hang) and 3 (barbell on the floor) are completely individual, have a look around next time we’re lifting and you’ll see that nobody is the same. That said, there is a chance their angles are the same if you took video, but this is a result of modifications to how they get to each section of the lifts.
I’ve linked two of our favourite lifters with totally different styles, just watch the foot movement around extension and their catch position. Both world class, very fast, extremely strong but both different in their execution. I personally don’t believe we should teach an exact style (Chinese, Russian, American etc), we should see how the athlete moves, correct/cue and then create the most efficient and safe way for them to lift. We teach the basics to the group so you get an understanding of the movement and then we’ll individualise based on the above factors.

Have an awesome day and now watch some magic happen: Luis Mosquera and Lü Xiaojun

photo credit: © Kari Kinnunen, wonderlifter.com 2011